Mime Maestro Thiyagarajakumar Ramaswamy

Leadership Stage Time and Energy Management

Thiyagarajakumar Ramaswamy's Leadership Stage Time and Energy Management Training

How can we have time on our hands rather than losing time, searching for time and never finding it? 

How can we meet our tasks at hand with high energy rather than feeling fatigued, resentful and unmotivated? 

How can we reduce our stress levels to be more effective in our performance? 
                         This Leadership Stage Time and Energy Management workshop grapples with these critical questions of time and energy management, examining the physical, emotional and mental qualities that can both help and hinder us. The key to quality performance lies in our "self-management," our ability to make decisions, to keep ourselves fit and to come to work physically energised, emotionally connected, mentally focused, and aligned with our values. The 1st step is awareness. Then begins the process of finding what is possible to change in our environment, in our attitude towards others and towards ourselves. We can find a balance between work and life.

Leadership Stage Time and Energy Management workshop will be participatory and interactive, an enjoyable mix of lecture with individual, partner and group exercises and activities.

                               Course Objectives

  • Examine your time issues and problems 
  • Learn key time management principles 
  • Identify time and energy robbers 
  • Observe the power of habits 
  • Review factors contributing to procrastination 
  • Understand the value of energy management 
  • Transform negative self-talk into positive
  • Improve focus through visualization
  • Activate your personal presence
  • Develop an action plan to solve a time or energy problem
  • Create a better balance in your work and life

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