Mime Maestro Thiyagarajakumar Ramaswamy

Leadership Stage Movement and Creativity Training

Thiyagarajakumar Ramaswamy's Leadership Stage Movement and Creativity Training

A wide variety of Leadership Stage movement and creative relaxation techniques are offered to extend your movement vocabulary and help increase presence, dynamics and power. The different country culture influence on the movement work combines in a unity of presentation. Yoga exercises for stretching, balance and centering, breathing exercises to release tension and enhance expression are combined with dynamic movement work, relaxation and body warm up techniques: an eclectic combination of elements for participants to develop strength, flexibility and increased confidence in movement.

The goal of this Leadership Stage Movement and Creativity Training work is to create a "balanced readiness", the feeling of being alive, alert and relaxed, ready to perform. Through self-observation participants delve into the realm of intention, intuition and impulses. Learning to Leadership Stage trust the inner messages and emotions which emerge is encouraged. Also emphasized is the ability to observe, describe and incorporate the movement of others so that new qualities of movement can be experienced. Exploring contradiction in movement expands the repertoire to unexpected areas. The mind stretches along with the body.

In addition, Leadership Stage techniques and ideas borrowed from other disciplines such as film, photography and painting, push the movement explorations to unexplored areas. Sometimes spontaneous expression is evoked; sometimes carefully composed structures are imposed. The Leadership Stage Movement and Creativity Training work consists of physical exercise, improvisation and compositional activities.

Participatory activities will allow participants to physically experience artistic concepts through movement. The use of space, shape, juxtaposition, montage, ambiguity and the human body in painting; synchronization, slow/fast motion and editing in film; focus, framing and filters in photography: these are some of a range of ideas which could be explored through movement. For the musically inclined, counterpoint, rhythm and notation are just a few of many concepts which lend themselves to a movement correspondence.

Leadership Stage Movement and Creativity Training courses are tailored to the needs of the sponsoring organization. There is a wide range of possibility! 

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