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Developing Leadership Presence Training

Thiyagarajakumar Ramaswamy's Developing Leadership Presence Training

Your presence makes impact. It is memorable. This Developing Leadership Presence Training program provides skills and tools which can activate your personal and professional presence to deliver convincing and dynamic presentations.

"Presence" is your ability to connect to yourself and others with authenticity and believability. It can be inspiring, energizing, commanding, compelling and confident - and mostly it is YOU. Each person's presence is unique in all its richness and variety. It starts from within and is much deeper than simply learning more techniques. You have to be willing to change habits, see differently, let go of old identities and the need to control, and be open to discovering and expressing yourself with passion and compassion, with both your head and your heart.

The Developing Leadership Presence Training program is highly interactive with video recordings of each participant as a critical component, feedback and analysis of the presentations, informative lectures, discussion of issues and for hands-on practice through the videos and role-plays as well as through movement, breathing and vocal exercises. You will learn to present with confidence, clarity, focus, and with vocal and visual impact to effectively influence and persuade.

Why Choose This Developing Leadership Presence Training Program
ü  To have the opportunity to learn and practice new skills in a safe environment
ü  To receive constructive feedback
ü  To polish your strengths and improve your weaknesses under the watchful eye of an experienced trainer/coach
ü  To gain fresh perspectives, insights and inspiration
ü  To receive recognition in your field which can lead to advancement
ü  To reduce nervousness and anxiety often associated with speaking
ü  To increase motivation for both the quality of your presentations
ü  Being an effective presenter is not enough: speaking with presence creates the difference

Who Would Benefit From The Developing Leadership Presence Training Program
This program is especially designed for senior management, leaders in the company and professionals who need to speak with impact in their field and want to improve and enhance their personal and professional presence.

                                   Learning Objectives
v  Heighten your attention and awareness of your self-image and self-presentation
v  Point out habits and patterns which help or hinder your presentation
v  Enhance your ability to use your body language to your advantage
v  Increase your ability to communicate more effectively and persuade your clients, supervisors and colleagues to move and act on your ideas
v  Use exercises designed to activate your personal presence and power for more impactful presentations
v  Learn specific skills for using the nonverbal elements of eye contact, facial expression, gesture and posture as well as skills for vocal and verbal presentation
v  Reduce nervousness and anxiety - increase confidence to achieve your goals

Ø  Lecture
Ø  Discussion
Ø  Individual, partner and group movement, breathing and vocal exercises
Ø  Video recordings and feedback analysis
Ø  Direct feedback on presentation skills and effectiveness and impact
Ø  Power point
Ø  Active participation throughout

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